‘Mindhunter’ Star Names The Infamous Serial Killers He Hopes Are Featured In Season 3



Following the release of the gripping second season of Mindhunter, both fans and series stars alike have already turned their attention to a potential third season of the acclaimed serial killer drama.

Warning: spoilers for Mindhunter season two will follow.

Season two featured plenty of infamous serial killers, such as David Berkowitz (the Son of Sam), William “Junior” Pierce, William Henry Hance, Elmer Wayne Henley Jr., Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Paul Bateson, Wayne Willims, and of course, Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer) who features in the vignettes that precede the start of every episode.

And according to series star Holt McCallany — who truly crushes it in the second season Bill Tench with a legitimately excellent performance — he already has an idea of which terrorizing murderers he’d like to see in season three of the series:

“My hope going forward is that we’ll just continue to meet some of these really well-known criminals, where you start to talk about the John Wayne Gacys, the Ted Bundys, the Jeffrey Dahmers. I’m not certain what David [Fincher] has in mind, but the heart and soul of the show seems to be these two guys going to prisons and conducting these interviews together and trying to understand, why the hell would a person do this?” [via The Hollywood Reporter]

While Netflix has yet to officially greenlight the third season, given that Mindhunter has developed into one of their most widely acclaimed original series, it’s really only a matter of time until a third season of the David Fincher brainchild becomes official.

Plus, according to McCallany, Fincher — who is widely considered to be one of the best filmmakers of the last 30 years — told him the series will run for five seasons, which is music to our ears:

“He [Fincher] said ‘Listen, are you ready to do this for five seasons? Because even if I fuck it up, it’s gonna go five seasons, and I don’t intend to fuck it up.’ So I’d like to think that we will continue, for as long as David is intrigued by telling this particular story.”

All nine episodes of Mindhunter season two are currently streaming on Netflix.

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