Woman Brought A Miniature Horse Named ‘Flirty’ On An American Airlines Flight

Move over emotional support squirrels, there’s a new service animal is flying on commercial airplanes — miniature horses. That’s right, a woman took a miniature horse named “Flirty” on an American Airlines flight.

Amberley Babbage was at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Thursday when she noticed an unusual passenger checking into a flight.

Flirty, the 135-pound miniature horse, was permitted to travel on the American Airlines flight to Omaha, Nebraska. You know all of those rules about the size and weight of your carry-on? Apparently, they don’t mean shit because you can bring a horse on the plane and not have to check it in or pay any extra fees.

Flirty even got to visit the cockpit to say hay to the pilots.

During the flight, “Flirty couldn’t help jostling seat of the person in the last row of first-class every time she moved.” What do you do when a horse is kicking your seat? Apparently, having a horse on a flight bothering passengers is a-okay because “it’s just too difficult to make sure Flirty doesn’t inconvenience other passengers.”

The woman says she uses the mini horse as a service and emotional support animal because she is allergic to dogs and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Flirty reminds the woman to take her medication and provides support when she becomes overwhelmed.

“I don’t know what I would do without her, even if I was cured today,” the woman said of the 7-year-old horse. “She’s my constant companion.”

“We recognize the important role trained service dogs, cats and miniature horses can play in lives of those with disabilities, including, but not limited to visual impairments, deafness, seizures, and mobility impairments,” an American Airlines spokesperson said. “They are welcome in the cabin, at no charge, if they meet the requirements.”

Or you could get drunk at the airport bar like everyone else does to battle the anxiety of flying or pop a Xanax as comedian Whitney Cummings suggests.

Comedian Nick DiPaolo made a brilliant observation about the large horse on the plane.

My checked luggage is my emotional support object and I need to have it next to me at all times, so I can’t check it in, sorry to inconvenience anyone else but I get anxiety when I fly and don’t know where my emotional support luggage is.