These Moonshine-Infused Pickles Need To Be Stuffed In My Face Hole Immediately

Indiana Pickle

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your overalls and your fiddles and take a seat on your favorite rocking chair on the front porch because I got quite the news for you. We all understand the conundrum of deciding whether or not to squash the momentum of drinking to get something of substance in your stomach. It’s a quandary as old as time. Well, an Indiana-based company called Indiana Pickle Co. has a solution to your pickle (jumps out window).

Introducing Indiana Pickle Co.’s Moonshine Pickle. The pickle spears are soaked in fine Hoosier Hooch moonshine from Bear Wallow Distillery in Nashville, Indiana, and garnished with a touch of sweetness and hint of saltiness. According to a sampler of the award-winning product for Indianapolis Monthly, “The flavor registers as sweet at first. Then the profile shifts to a deep, lingering heat. ‘It’s making me sweat a little bit.'”

But if moonshine doesn’t tickle your fancy, try any of Indiana Pickle Co.’s craft beer infused pickles.

Whiskey Riff

Whiskey Riff

Whiskey Riff

The pickles are currently only available in the Indiana area, but you can by a 3-case of pickles (any variation) online for $38.

[h/t Whiskey Riff]