‘Deadpool’ Star Morena Baccarin Tweets ‘Pandemic Is Over’ And Is Immediately Besieged

Deadpool Star Morena Baccarin Tweets Pandemic Is Over Big Mistake

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On Tuesday, Deadpool star Morena Baccarin tweeted that the pandemic is over and was immediately attacked by people saying it is not.

A quick Google search for the phrase “Is the pandemic over?” tells us… well, it doesn’t really tell us anything. Now what? That’s as far as my research usually goes with things such as this.

Ah, here we go. A CNBC article from May 17th says, “WHO says pandemic is far from over despite high vaccination rates in some countries.”

Surely we haven’t gone from “far from over” to “over” in just eight days, right?

“There is a huge disconnect growing where in some countries with the highest vaccination rates, there appears to be a mindset that the pandemic is over, while others are experiencing huge waves of infections,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

“The pandemic is a long way far from over,” he continued. “It will not be over anywhere until it’s over everywhere.”

Well, we know that the pandemic is certainly not over everywhere, so I guess it’s still happening. So, uh, sorry Morena Baccarin, but you’re wrong.

But just in case she isn’t aware that the pandemic is still going on, which she obviously isn’t based on her tweet, numerous kind people on Twitter were quick to let her know.

HEY! Hey, hey, HEY! That is not the subject we are talking about today! We’re here to alert Morena Baccarin to her complete and utter tone deaf tweet about the pandemic. Get focused.

Dammit, people! Stay on topic!

That’s better.