You Need To See This List Of The Most Hated Christmas Gifts Before Finishing Your Shopping

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most hated christmas presents


Before we get into the meat of this article, I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone Christmas is five days away, which is great when you’re a kid and terrible if you’re a procrastinator like myself who still hasn’t finished shopping.

I’d like to say I pay careful attention to the wants and needs of the loved ones in my life and know exactly what to get them when the holidays roll around but that would be a lie.

Instead, I spend the weeks preceding Christmas browsing gift guides and wishing I was blessed with the mind-reading abilities Mel Gibson had in What Women Want.

Thankfully, there are always some safe options to fall back on— I still haven’t met a mom who doesn’t love some kitschy sign with a quote about love they can hang somewhere in the kitchen.

As a kid, there was nothing worse than getting clothing for Christmas but I’ve gradually grown to appreciate the joys of a new pair of socks. However, a new survey suggests not everyone feels the same way.

FitRated asked over 1,200 people about the worst Christmas gifts they’ve ever gotten, and according to the results, a lot of them have been wronged by clothes at some point in the past (it’s unclear how many respondents are still bitter about their childhood).

worst holiday gifts


Clothing can be a great option if you know what the person you’re buying for is into but it can be a bit risky if you don’t have a real sense of their personal style (or make the grave mistake of assuming they’re a size bigger than they actually are).

The majority of respondents said they were polite enough to act like they appreciated the gift before never going on to using it.

most hated christmas gifts


Shoutout to that 3.3% of people for being braver than I’ll ever be.

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