How Drunk Is Your State? Here’s A List Of The Most Searched Cocktails During Quarantine

most searched cocktails

People are passing the time during quarantine in a million different ways.

They’ve attempted to kill time by growing beards, smoking a ton of weed, and sneaking into jungle safaris, but everyone knows the best way to make time go faster is to get blackout drunk.

Alright, maybe you don’t have to get blackout drunk, but a nice, stiff drink makes the day seem a little bit more tolerable.

Google recently released search results to show which states searched for the recipes for which cocktails the most in the last 30 days.

Old Fashioneds seem to be a favorite in these United States.

A few states want to go balls-to-the-wall with Kamikazes.

New Yorkers love their Manhattans and New Jersey wants to be NY so badly (as always) so it’s their favorite as well.

Here’s a state-by-state breakdown and the most popular drinks in each state.

Uniquely Searched Cocktails by State (Past 30 Days)


Most Searched Cocktails By State

  • Alabama – Hurricane
  • Alaska – Whiskey Sour
  • Arizona – Paloma
  • Arkansas – Frozen Daiquiri
  • California – Paloma
  • Colorado – Hurricane
  • Connecticut – Margarita
  • Delaware – Screwdriver
  • Washington, DC – Old Fashioned
  • Florida – Cuba Libre
  • Georgia – Sazerac
  • Hawaii – Lemon Drop Martini
  • Idaho – Kamikaze
  • Illinois – Manhattan
  • Indiana – French 75
  • Iowa – Kamikaze
  • Kansas – Screwdriver
  • Kentucky – Lily
  • Louisiana – Bushwacker
  • Maine – Margarita
  • Maryland – Kamikaze
  • Massachusetts – Old Fashioned
  • Michigan – Cosmo
  • Minnesota – Oliveto
  • Mississippi – Painkiller
  • Missouri – Gin and Tonic
  • Montana – Blue Hawaiian
  • Nebraska – Old Fashioned
  • Nevada – Grasshopper
  • New Hampshire – Old Fashioned
  • New Jersey – Manhattan
  • New Mexico – Old Fashioned
  • New York – Manhattan
  • North Carolina – Bushwacker
  • North Dakota – Kamikaze
  • Ohio – Boulevardier
  • Oklahoma – Black Russian
  • Oregon – Old Fashioned
  • Pennsylvania – Whiskey Sour
  • Rhode Island – Cosmo
  • South Carolina – Tequila Sunrise
  • South Dakota – Screwdriver
  • Tennessee – Bushwacker
  • Texas – Paloma
  • Utah – Cape Cod
  • Vermont – Cosmopolitan
  • Virginia – Old Fashioned
  • Washington – Old Fashioned
  • West Virginia – Kamikaze
  • Wisconsin – Grasshopper
  • Wyoming – White Russian

More interesting facts from Google – Cooking continues to be a topic of interest and a source of comfort.

  • Search interest in comfort food reached a high, worldwide
  • “Vegan comfort food” is a breakout search (+5,000%) in the past month in the US.
  • The following foods are hitting all-time highs in search interest, worldwide: pancake, cheesecake, guacamole, sushi, hummus, chocolate brownie, tiramisu, lasagna.
  • Trend alert: Mini pancakes masquerading as cereal might be popping up on your social feeds. Searches for “pancake cereal” spiked +750% over the past week in the US.

When people aren’t in the mood to cook, takeout and delivery from a local restaurant is an option for millions.

But what to choose?

Here are the top “…near me” searches involving types of food over the past month in the US:

  1. Pizza near me
  2. Sushi near me
  3. Seafood near me
  4. Chinese near me
  5. Bakery near me

If all this food and drink talk is making you hungry, The Daily Meal did some investigating of their own and compiled a list of the most searched recipes in each state.


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