These Are The Most Underappreciated Snacks Of All Time

underrated snacks

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Another episode of The Brilliantly Dumb Show is in the books as episode No. 90 has landed. We took on a very hard-hitting and debatable question for the “Ask Bob” portion of the episode. The question came from a young man from Rhode Island who asked me to rank the Top 5 most underappreciated snacks of all time. Now I know there is no way to do this list without some debate, but here was my best go at it in order.

5. Danimals Yogurt

I always loved the concept of Danimals yogurt as a young kid. Yogurt on the go that tasted more like a smoothie, it’s a great start to the day if you are not a breakfast guy. It has always been a product that I am shocked didn’t catch more traction than it has.

4. Choco Tacos

Quite possibly the best ice cream truck product that ever lived. It is an absolute shame that these things are a dime in a dozen to find at a grocery store, there is no way something as iconic as an ice cream taco should not be sold in bulk.

3. Dunkaroos

I would love to know who the guy behind making the decision to stop manufacturing Dunkaroos. Why in the world would they not still be pumping out this remarkable snack to this day? A question I may never have the answer to. You can still find ’em in some places, thankfully.

2. Fruit Roll-Ups

Keep in mind, totally different product than the Fruit By The Foot. Something about the Rruit Roll-Ups just always hit different and packed a little bit harder of a punch. You might be able to come across a box of Fruit Roll-Ups til this day, and if you do, jump all over it.


Nothing screamed summertime quite like a freezer full of Fla-vor-ice. A very tough product to find in your local grocery store that in my mind will go down as a First Ballot Hall of Famer. There is no reason I should have to order these on Amazon just to get my hands on them, but a big win for Jeff Bezos still having these bad boys in stock.

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