These Are The Most Uniquely Popular Thanksgiving Recipes In Every State And I’m Confused As Hell By ND And Delaware

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Turkey Day is upon us. Tonight is Thanksgiving Eve, the biggest drinking night of the year, and tomorrow morning we’ll all awaken early to start cooking up turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all of the other recipes our families crave.

I’m a born and raised Floridian and I’m fully aware that some of the things my family eats on Thanksgiving is drastically different than what a family in Oregon might eat. For instance, we often start the meal with raw oysters and Florida Stone Crab as appetizers. When it comes to the actual meal, we’re pretty basic: Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Green Bean Casserole, Cranberry something, Pies, etc.

I’m not really into straying from the norm when it comes to Thanksgiving foods because I see it as a day when I know exactly what I’ll be eating and I can get excited about those foods in advance. You know what those foods don’t include? Keto Brisket (whatever the f*ck that is) and Stone Soup. Those are just a few of the recipes that states across America are searching in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

Using Google search data, CNBC tracked which recipes each state in America is searching disproportionately to other states. This led them to find the most uniquely popular recipe for each state compared to others. It doesn’t necessarily mean this recipe is the *MOST POPULAR* dish in that state, just that the state is searching for that recipe a lot more than the other states. Let’s check out the results from CNBC:

Alabama: dressing

Alaska: cranberry sauce

Arizona: ham

Arkansas: dressing

California: creamed corn

Colorado: pumpkin pie

Connecticut: cranberries

Delaware: keto brisket

Florida: green bean casserole

Georgia: green bean casserole

Hawaii: stone soup

Idaho: stuffing

Illinois: stuffing

Indiana: dressing

Iowa: casserole

Kansas: pumpkin pie

Kentucky: sweet potato

Louisiana: chicken soup

Maine: turkey gravy

Maryland: cranberry

Massachusetts: butternut squash

Michigan: dressing

Minnesota: stuffing

Mississippi: dressing

Missouri: sweet potato

Montana: cranberries

Nebraska: pumpkin pie

Nevada: soup

New Hampshire: butternut squash

New Jersey: soup

New Mexico: dressing

New York: soup

North Carolina: dressing

North Dakota: punch

Ohio: pumpkin pie

Oklahoma: dressing

Oregon: sweet potato

Pennsylvania: vegetable

Rhode Island: stuffing

South Carolina: sweet potato casserole

South Dakota: corn

Tennessee: dressing

Texas: cornbread dressing

Utah: salad

Vermont: vegetables

Virginia: green beans

Washington: salad

Washington, D.C.: cookies

West Virginia: roast turkey

Wisconsin: cranberry salad

Wyoming: roasted carrots (via CNBC)

Keto Brisket in Delaware, seriously? Stone Soup in Hawaii? I thought that stuff ceased to exist after Pre-K when teachers taught every kid how to make it as a way to keep them busy.

Soup in New Jersey? We had a discussion amongst the BroBible team and we’ve never heard of a single family from New Jersey making soup on Thanksgiving. Maybe for leftovers, sure, but still not as common as sandwiches or turkey salad. PUNCH is the most uniquely popular dish for North Dakota?! Who the hell serves punch on Thanksgiving? Who serves punch anywhere outside of a middle school dance?

For more on these results you can click here to visit CNBC.

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