The 5 Most Versatile Foods Of All Time

most versatile food


Who doesn’t love food? It’s a topic we love to talk about on The Brilliantly Dumb Show and one that seems to always come up in our “Ask Bob” segment where viewers submit their questions for the show. A guy from Santa Fe, New Mexico asked me for my picks for the Top 5 most versatile foods of all time. So I took a stab at it, here goes nothing…

5. Eggs

Nobody has any issue with both starting or ending their day with some eggs. A necessity in all cookbooks and kitchens worldwide. You can have eggs for breakfast or even find it in your Cobb salad come lunchtime. Which to me is the definition of versatility.

4. Bagels

I’ve got bagels on this list simply because you can throw anything on a bagel. Cream cheese, Lox, onions, avocado, peanut butter, bagels do it all.

3. Potatoes

The different things you can do with a potato and the range it has is unlike any other. Home fries you can find both next to your omelet at breakfast and with a side of your favorite steak at a steakhouse. Then you hop into the french frie category and open the flood gates, waffle fries, curly fries, you know the rest. We can’t ever lose appreciation of what the potato has done for us throughout the years.

2. Caesar Salads

Not only is the versatility of the salad amazing to me, but we really gotta tip our cap to the caesar here. Caesars get ordered for lunch, as an appetizer, as an entree, and beyond. Put it in a wrap, put it in a bowl, whatever you desire the caesar is willing to work with ya.


Do I need much explanation here? Throw some bacon on your breakfast sandwich to get your day started or order it for an extra $2.99 as a side at your local diner. From Cobb salads to BLT’s to fancy bacon, this delicacy does it ALL. Never shall we disrespect or overlook the beauty of bacon.

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