2020 Should Finally Be The Year We Move On From Salt Bae

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It’s safe to say it has been a rough couple of weeks for viral sensation, Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae. His restaurant in Boston was recently forced to close due to not following COVID-19 safety regulations. He was also seen videotaping a girl twerking in his restaurant while her boyfriend proceeded to come barreling through the doors in sheer rage. The viral chef has definitely seen better days outside of the fact that he is still absolutely jacked and more fit than I’ll ever be. But at what point are we going to move on from this guy?

Am I the only one that doesn’t find the idea of Salt Bae hovering over my steak while bits of salt bounce down his arm hair like a game of Plinko onto my steak not appetizing? And look I am no pitmaster here, but shouldn’t a cooked steak already be seasoned properly? This guy seems to just pop up tableside on you out of nowhere as if he is about to make you table side guac at your favorite Mexican joint. No warning no nothing, just here comes Salt Bae whether you like it or not.

I haven’t heard the guy talk much but will admit the indoor sunglasses and white t-shirts he rocks with his biceps just bulging out of it do create some sort of mystery about him. It kind of makes you intrigued enough to go pay top dollar at his restaurants just to figure the mystery out. But in my opinion, 2020 should be the year we move on from both Salt Bae, and overpriced steaks. We have suffered enough this year, let’s cut ourselves a break.

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