Former NASA Engineer Spends Weeks Building A Comically Complex Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

by 2 months ago

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober is incredibly popular on YouTube with nearly 12 million subscribers. I first remember him popping up on my Internet radar when he created an ingenious ‘Glitter Bomb‘ to stop thieves from stealing his holiday packages off his porch. He then spent a year perfecting his Glitter Bomb 2.0 into something truly outrageous.

In his latest viral video, Mark Rober has created the most complex squirrel-proof birdfeeder the world has ever seen. The way he tells it, he’s spent the last several months of isolation exacting revenge on the pesky squirrels for stealing food from the neighborhood birds.

Instead of driving on down to the ABC Hardware for a squirrel-proof bird feeder or purchasing one on Amazon like a normal person, Mark has poured all of his creative energy into beating the squirrels during lockdown and the finished product is nothing short of spectacular. Would this ever be a practical item he could reproduce and sell to the public? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t incredibly entertaining.

My advice here would be to set the YouTube video speed to 1.5x just to speed it up or jump ahead to the parts in the video where the action takes place instead of watching the entire 21-minute clip. That’s just an unreasonable amount of time to spend on YouTube.

I wouldn’t be able to muster up something like this if home isolation went on for the next two years. I have to tip my hat at this man for his creative genius.

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