Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Wizard Win The Yo-Yo Nationals With Insane Sorcery Skills

Until about an hour ago I had no clue that there was a National Yo-Yo League in America. I knew there was some sort of a national championship because I’ve seen some videos before of yo-yo savants throwing it down on stage, but I’m still a bit shocked to find out there’s an entire league devoted to yo-yo.

Moving on, this dude shared this video earlier on Reddit’s r/videos. Evan Nagao claims that he started competitively yoyoing seven years ago with the ultimate goal of winning the U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest. Evan Nagao saw his dream come true this year when he took home first place in the 1A division thanks to this ridiculous display of yo-yo sorcery.

I’m still not entirely clear what delineates the divisions in competitive yoyoing. I’m assuming that you have to accrue X amount of points in Y division before getting bumped up to the next division, but I’d like to think it’s like Karate. Where you have to perform certain tricks in front of Yo-Yo Masters in order to receive your next belt. If I was sitting on the board of Yo-Yo Jedis that’s how I’d be running things. I’d also break out the divisions by music. Where novices/white belts could only perform to Classical Music or Reggaeton. They’d have to perfect their craft while learning to perform to shit ass music, and as they progressed they’d get to throw down to hotter and hotter tracks. Someone should really put me in charge of the National Yo-Yo Contest.