Evil Genius Hacks Nerf Blaster To Scream, Play Songs, And Yell Movie Quotes When Firing

NERF Blaster Screaming Gun

YouTube / Hacksmith

Nerf blasters are fun for kids and adults.

(Side note -the company prefers the term “blasters” over “guns”, for obvious reasons.)

The blasters come in a bevy of options but none make much noise. Hacksmith changes all that with this modified screaming Nerf blaster inspired by “Borderlands 2.”

Hacksmith Industries takes a standard Nerf blaster and adds a microcontroller, switches, a speaker, and headphone jack so that when a user fires, shakes or reloads the weapon, it makes a noise.

After all of the accessories are added, the gun gets a new paint job and even a professionally designed package (like the one in my shorts).

A slew of different voices and sounds are added, including Bob Ross, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Face McShooty, Scarface, and Sly Stallone, among others.

The result is a beautiful piece of machinery that looks like hours of fun.

Thank Christ this Nerf gun isn’t available for retail and won’t land in the hands of my 10-year-old son. The “Who Lets The Dogs Out?” mode would get old incredibly fast.

[via The Hacksmith]