Netflix Signs ‘Summer Heights High’s Chris Lilley To A 10-Part Comedy Series

by 12 months ago


You know there is no justice in the world when The Big Bang Theory gets 11 season and counting and Summer Heights High got only one eight-episode season.

But, there could still be some partial redemption for the universe as Netflix has reportedly signed Chris Lilley to a 10-part comedy project a decade after he sprung to international stardom from writing and starring in hit comedy Summer Heights High. 

According to The Guardian, details on the show are still under wraps, but it is currently in  production in Queensland, Australia. Production is expected to run until June and will reportedly bring $6.35 million into the Gold Coast’s local economy.

Lilley has experienced sparse success since Summer Heights High took off. The show garnered  more than 1.2 million viewers and was the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s best-selling comedy DVD.

The 43-year-old has flew under the radar since 2014 when his Summer Heights High spin-off show Jonah From Tonga aired but was pulled with after New Zealand’s minister for Pacific peoples Alfred Ngaro said the series enforced “negative stereotypes.” The show’s predecessor, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, did not come close to the success of its source material either, which suggests that viewers grew tired of one character for an entire series.

Lilley’s new comedy series could be Lilley’s last chance at convincing a big network to roll the dice with him. But I’m hoping Lilley can recreate some of the magic he brought to Summer Heights High because holy shitballs that show was funny.

[h/t The Guardian]


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