The Studio Behind ‘Arkham Origins’ May Have Just Teased A New Batman Game

arkham origins

WB Montreal

This past Saturday was Batman Day, as it marked 80 years since The Dark Knight made his debut.

While there were celebrations of the Caped Crusader all over the globe, the one that has caught the attention of most Batman fans regards that of WB Games Montréal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins.

Released in 2013, Arkham Origins was the only in the acclaimed Arkham series to be developed by WB Games Montréal, as the other three — Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight — were all developed by Rocksteady Studios.

And while the widely beloved Arkham series may have come to a close with the release of Arkham Knight in 2015, fans of both the character and the video game seem to think that WB Games Montréal’s particular Batman Day celebration was actually the tease of a new game.

The Twitter account of WB Games Montréal, developers of Arkham Origins, contributed with a mysterious tweet. A 30-second video shows the Batsignal shining on the side of a building, and over the course of the video it flickers and transforms into several different symbols.

Speculation is rife that this means the people behind the third-best Arkham game are working on a follow-up, and thanks to one of those symbols looking quite demonic and another slightly owl-ish at a stretch the current theory is that it will feature Ra’s Al Ghul (aka The Demon’s Head), and the Court of Owls (a secret society who basically run Gotham) as its villains. [PC Gamer]

I’ve always been confused as to why Arkham Origins has been essentially disavowed by both the Batman and the gaming communities, as it was not only more than a worthy placeholder while Arkham Knight was developed, but it’s responsible for one of the best video game commercials I’ve ever seen:

And one of the dopest Batman fight sequences ever put into the universe:

I mean, holy shit, right? If only the recent Batman movies were half as good as that sizzle reel.

Given how widely popular the Batman character is and with the next generation of gaming consoles coming out next year, there’s every reason to believe that Warner Bros. is ready to reboot the franchise. Not to mention that — if the speculation turns out to be true — Ra’s Al Ghul and the Court of Owls are quite literally two of the most fascinating Batman rogues out there.

Plus, with the first Avengers game set to come out next May, Warner Bros. needs to do everything they can to maintain video game dominance over their rivals, especially given how outmatched they’ve been in the film industry.


Eric is a New York City-based writer who still isn’t quite sure how he’s allowed to have this much fun for a living and will tell anyone who listens that Gotham City is canonically in New Jersey. Contact him on Twitter @eric_ital or via email

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