This Italian From New Jersey Screaming At His Family Over Meatballs Is The Most New Jersey Thing Of All Time

new jersey man yells at mom meatballs


Some things you just have to see to believe. This, to me, is one of them. New Jersey is a wild place, and as somebody who was born and raised there, I can confirm that these types of characters are everywhere. Here comes a father of five just trying to finish off his day, the weight of the world on his shoulders and all he wants to do is unwind with a couple of fresh, homemade meatballs.

Now the average person may look at this video and think the dad was overreacting, but we all have had moments in our lives when we expect certain food or leftovers to be in the fridge, only to find they have vanished. It’s a shitty feeling that I would not wish upon anybody. Especially considering the fact that meatballs aren’t necessarily just your average food, a good meatball can set the tone for your entire day or night.

Is it bad when your kids have to tell you to quiet down so that you don’t wake up their own kids? Definitely. But those babies will grow up one day and realize that their grandpa was just a man on a mission, a mission to find his damn meatballs. The best part of this video is when he counters to his kid’s request to quiet down by stating that he will only keep quiet if they tell him where his meatballs are.

I think New Jersey tends to get a bad wrap due to the chaos that took place on MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore.’ While I can’t deny that there are a lot of Snooki’s and J-Woww’s running around, I will say that I would much rather people think of this video than that TV show when thinking of our beloved Garden State.