Brooklyn Truck Driver Who Just Won $298 MILLION Lottery Jackpot Is The Happiest Man Alive

A Brooklyn truck driver named Dave recently won the second largest lottery jackpot in New York state history.

He then went viral after a clip of him talking about quitting his job hit the Internet, with many saying this man reacted the exact same way 99.99% of people would.

Dave hit the $298 million jackpot and is choosing to take the lump sum payout which means he’ll have more than $114 million deposited into his savings account this week. Jimmy Kimmel caught up with him on last night’s show to interview the man who quit his job ‘right away with no delay’ the moment he found out he’d won the jackpot.

You better believe that I’d be quitting my job if I won a lottery jackpot for $300 million. I wouldn’t quit on the spot because I’m not the type of dude that wants to leave coworkers scrambling to fill a position because some dude hit the goddamn jackpot and is now a hundred-millionaire.

I really hope one of this man’s first moves after getting the $114 million is finding a great money manager because he seems eager as all hell to start spending, which I get. If I won over $100 million in the lottery I’d already be plotting which mountain states I wanted to buy a ski/ranch house in, and where I wanted to buy my surf lodge in the jungle.

It’s REALLY easy to spend money you didn’t earn and you need someone in charge of those funds to ensure you don’t blow through it in a few years because EVERYONE you’ve ever known will suddenly come out of the woodwork in need of money. Many of those people will have very valid reasons (charity, etc.). You need that failsafe to stop that fortune from disappearing and I hope this man’s got his affairs in order.

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