New Yorkers Shared Stories Of The Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Seen On The Subway And WOW

This is a scenario that every New Yorker has experienced, and one that every tourist/transplant falls victim to at some point or another: the empty subway car during rush hour. And you only fall for this once.

It’s rush hour or some busy time on the subway and you’re waiting on a crowded platform when a totally empty subway car pulls up in the middle of a completely packed train. You think you’ve hit the jackpot. You enter the subway car and the wall of stench hits you like a bat out of hell. That’s when you look down the car to see a homeless man who has pissed and shit himself before falling asleep in his own vomit with his dong still hanging out. He wakes up and proceeds to start pissing all over the subway car again. The man’s face is bleeding because he fell down on the asphalt at some point before entering the subway.

This is real life. This isn’t just some nightmare scenario. I experienced that during my first week of living in NYC. After that, I was pretty fucking careful to never get on an empty subway car again during rush hour.

Sure, I saw some other horrific things happen on the subway but that one incident will always stand out above the rest. I’ll never be able to get that stench out of my head.

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