Nic Cage Has Been Cast As Dracula And The Internet Is Loving It

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  • In a perfect piece of casting, Nicolas Cage has been tapped to play Dracula.
  • He will star alongside Nicholas Hoult in Renfield, which is the name of Dracula’s henchman.
  • Movie fans took to Twitter to celebrate the truly excellent news.

Remember at the end of Bad Boys 2, when Marcus saves Mike Lowry’s life by dome-piecing Johnny Tapia on the beaches of Guantanomo Bay, and Mike Lowry yells “NOW THAT’S HOW YOU SHOOT!” That basically summarizes how I feel about Nicolas Cage being cast as Dracula in Universal’s upcoming action-comedy Renfield, which will also star Nicholas Hoult as the titular Renfield, Dracula’s henchman.

The film, which is the latest in Universal’s modern updates of their classic monster movies, will be directed by Chris McKay, who helmed this summer’s Chris Pratt-starring action sci-fi The Tomorrow War.

In the original Dracula novel, R.M. Renfield was an inmate at a lunatic asylum who was thought to be suffering from delusions but actually is a servant of Dracula. Plot details of the movie weren’t announced, but it’s believed to take place during the present day and is not a period piece. [Deadline]]

As the Deadline report states, while plot details are being kept under wraps, the film will reportedly be an action-comedy set in modern day.

The casting is the latest step in the Academy Award winner’s career renaissance, as the project marks Cage’s first proper studio movie — not counting animated films such as The Croods franchise and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — since 2016’s Snowden. Cage could also have an outside shot at an Academy Award nomination this year due to his simply fantastic performance in Pig.

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Following the news of Cage’s casting, movie fans took to Twitter to celebrate the sublime, inspired choice:

Cage will next star in 2022’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which will see the famously committed actor star as *himself* — forced to recreate some of his most iconic roles to save his family from a deranged drug dealer — alongside Pedro Pascal and Tiffany Haddish.

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