The 6 Biggest Bros Nicolas Cage Has Played In His Acting Career

by 4 years ago

With a career spanning over a third of a century, Nicolas Cage is no spring chicken when it comes to the film biz. Hell, he even has his own style of acting — now that’s Chuck Norris-worthy status, if you ask me. Although the actor is notorious for throwing himself into his off-the-wall psychotic roles, he’s also got quite the resume when it comes to playing some damn good protagonists, and really, he’s the epitome of a bro. Here are a handful of his finest.

Joe, Joe

If there’s one thing a bro (in this case, Joe) doesn’t tolerate, it’s violence towards the ones he loves; especially from a victim’s deadbeat dad. In the underrated drama Joe, Cage returns to his Indie roots as an easily irritated tree-removal foreman that befriends Gary, a directionless teen dealing with a physically abusive father. While sporting a furry mug that would make Grizzly Adams himself proud, Joe arrives home to notice a bruised and battered Gary. Gary informs him that his old man prostituted out his sister to scar-faced Willy, one of the neighborhood d-bags. Not on Cage’s watch, not on any bro’s watch!

Memphis Raines, Gone In 60 Seconds

What more can a millennium bro ask for then a shit-load of exotic cars and a young, bleached blonde Angelina Jolie? In the action thriller Gone In Sixty Seconds, Cage’s Memphis might as well be the envy of every adolescent male-minus the car thefts. When Jolie’s Sway and Memphis spy on a tryst between a man and woman, she queries him on if he prefers sex to stealing cars? Memphis chooses both, causing Angelina to pounce on him quicker than she had done to Billy Bob Thornton at the time off camera. Angelina straddling a not-so-Saint Nic’s lap in a Diablo SE30. Need I say more?

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