Westeros Is So Extraordinarily F*cked Thanks To The Night King’s New Weapon

night king game of thrones


Spoilers ahead, yada, yada, yada. While we’re waiting for “Game of Thrones” to return (Which might not be until 2019), we may as well look forward to the possibilities that lie for Season 8. While the first seven seasons focused primarily on living humans battling and conspiring to sit on the Iron Throne, Season 8 will surely feature the undead as a major player. The Night King and his army of zombies have finally come from Beyond the Wall to pose a threat to anyone and anything living. However, it might not be the slow-moving army of White Walkers and wights that Westeros immediately be worried about, but rather the Night King and his new high-flying weapon – the ice dragon.

The Night King had the unique power of an undead ice dragon for one full episode and in that limited time, he used Viserion to obliterate a huge chunk of the Wall. This is the same fortification that is over 700-feet-tall and constructed of solid ice and magic. The Wall had stood tall and stopped attacks from all invaders for thousands of years. Yet in one minute the ice dragon crumbled the Wall.

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The sheer ferocity of an ice dragon is scary enough, but there is another reason for all of Westeros to be petrified of the Night King’s new toy. With the dragon under the Night King’s control, it gives the ice lord a crazy fast transportation vehicle to get to all of Westeros in no time at all. A Redditor named cake_flattener1 posted this grim outlook in the “Game of Thrones” Reddit.

Remember how fast Daenerys Targaryen flew from Dragonstore to beyond the Wall to save Jon Snow and the Magnificent Seven? Now the Night King has that kind of super fast transportation. With the hyperloop of “Game of Thrones,” the Night King could visit former battlegrounds to raise the dead and increase his vast zombie armies all over Westeros. Think of all of the dead soldiers from conflicts such as the Battle of Winterfell and the mountainous piles of bodies left from the Battle of the Bastards. The Night King could control tens of thousands of new wights in his quest for world domination.

Another frightening aspect of this fan theory is that the Night King could fly over water to expand his empire. So not only is Westeros so extraordinarily fucked, but the Night King could fly to The Iron Islands, Essos, and Sothoryos to raise an army of undead to conquer all of the lands. Jon Snow, err Aegon Targaryen, and Daenerys had better stop fucking around and kill Viserion before its too late.