NYC Restaurant Requiring $50 On Site COVID-19 Tests For Guests, But Weirdly Only Two Days Of The Week

couple accidentally served 2000 dollar wine


In what may be considered as a bold play, NYC restaurant City Winery will now require all patrons to receive a COVID-19 test prior to dining inside the restaurant two days a week. The restaurant will roll out their testing program starting Tuesday and time will tell to see if diners still find the $50 charge worth it.

City Winery is located in New York City’s meatpacking district and is one of the first restaurants to take this type of measure to ensure safety for customers as cases begin to rise again in the fall.

“Given the change of the seasons, finding the next level of safety and comfort level for people to dine indoors is critical for us today,” Michael Dorf, the founder and CEO, said in a press release, via the NY Post.

“A COVID-19 test is one of the only solutions to get patrons inside restaurants for the next five months until the springtime.”

The eatery is still open test-free Thursday through Monday, and also offers outdoor dining. Maybe this is me being cheap, but I think the play here is just to avoid this spot on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and save a little cash for a couple of extra appetizers somewhere else.

As much as I love the precaution they are taking and would like to see others follow, why only have it two days of the week? Although I can’t wrap my head around the two-day only policy, you’ve got to tip your cap to City Winery for starting what could be a very common trend in not just New York City, but around country.