Leonardo DiCaprio Panic-Attacks His Way Through Hilarious, Star-Studded Trailer For ‘Don’t Look Up’

don't look up trailer


If you were to put Leonardo DiCaprio’s filmography in baseball terms, what do you think his batting average would be? Allow me to rattle off his films since 2010 before we settle on a number:

Shutter Island, Inception, J. Edgar, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

That is, quite frankly, absurd levels of quality. Of those films, Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar is the only one that can be considered a bonafide strike-out. I’d call The Great Gatsby a double — a film I actually really enjoy, albeit more so than the general public — and I’d consider the rest absolute home runs. So, in baseball terms, in the last decade, Leo is batting. 875 with six home runs and a double in just eight plate appearances.

Still just 46-years-old, Leo isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon, as his next two films also appear to be surefire bangers. He’s Martin Scorsese’s western crime epic Killers of the Flower Moon alongside Jesse Plemons, Robert De Niro, and the king Brendan Fraser, which is due out in 2022. Then, later this year, he’s got Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, an absolutely star-studded affair that features the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Rob Morgan, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi, Cate Blanchett, and Meryl Streep.

Don’t Look Up tells the story of two low-level scientists, played by DiCaprio and Lawrence, tasked with going on a media tour to warn humanity about an incoming asteroid that will destroy the planet. The expected Academy Awards-contending film will hit theaters on December 10 before hitting Netflix on December 24, Christmas Eve.

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