O.J. Simpson Reportedly Faked A Paparazzi Video To Possibly Sell His Reaction To The Las Vegas Massacre


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Guys, believe it or not, O.J. Simpson is getting bad press after spending nine years behind bars for attempted armed robbery and kidnapping and probably definitely killing his ex-wife and her friend 23 years ago. He was released just days ago.

And, in true O.J. fashion, this is just bizarre.

According to TMZ, Simpson faked a paparazzi run-in with a photog Wednesday night so he could make (and possibly sell) a video commenting on the Vegas massacre. Simpson was eating dinner at an upscale Vegas country club when a photographer overheard him planning a TMZ-style video shoot with his friends at the table.

When he got to the parking lot after dinner, Simpsons friend allegedly filmed him while he offered up his “thoughts and prayers” for the victims of the biggest mass shooting in modern American history. When a TMZ photographer approached him with camera in hand and started asking questions, O.J. became flustered and beelined it for his car.

This sounds right in line with Simpson’s quest to get paid following his release. It has been reported that he is seeking millions for his first post-prison TV interview and that he was seen signing USC and Bills memorabilia at a Las Vegas hotel. It should be noted that any money O.J. makes will go directly to the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman whose families filed a civil suit and won. The original settlement was for $33.5 million, but Simpson hasn’t paid them squat. With interest, he now owes them $100 million.

If one of you techie BroBible readers can make an app that tells you how far O.J. Simpson is away from you at all times, I’d invest in that shit immediately. I do not feel safe with the Juice on the Loose.