O.J. Simpson Shares Asinine Video Of Himself Wearing Gloves, A Mask, And Spraying Disinfectant On His Money

OJ Simpson Sprays Disinfectant On His Money Over Coronavirus Video

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Just in case you haven’t seen enough public service announcements regarding how to protect yourself from the coronavirus and how prepare for the pandemic’s effect on America, “The Juice” has got you covered.

After sharing a photo of himself stocking up on the essentials like water, toilet paper, paper towels, and paper cups at Costco last week, O.J. Simpson is back with a new video, “Hello Twitter world, it’s yours truly,” alerting everyone to fact that our money could very well be a carrier of the coronavirus.

As such, you should do like “The Juice” and don a mask, some gloves, and take your money outside and spray it down with some disinfectant.

“Never Too Careful,” Simpson captioned the video in which he states, “Well, you know, they’re canceling all these crowds at games and telling people not to shake hands, and to disinfect surfaces, so this is what I won at the golf course today. How do I know how many hands have touched this money? I’m just sayin.”

As usual, the “Twitter World” had many clever replies to the O.J. video, and as usual “some replies were hidden by the Tweet author” because Simpson thinks that will somehow stop people from seeing them.

Let’s have some fun, shall we? We have certainly earned it.


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