Ole Miss Getting Roasted For Basically Asking Alums To Leave Them Money If They Die During The Pandemic

Ole Miss Asks Alums To Leave Them Money If They Die During Pandemic

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Universities ask their alumni constantly to donate money to them, often in the form of naming the school in their will. That is nothing unusual.

What is unusual is the timing of Ole Miss asking its alums to put the college in their wills in case they happen to die in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Which is exactly what the University of Mississippi did this week, according to an email obtained by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio.

“There is a common expression that ‘change is the only constant in life.’ We often experience this with our careers, our residences, and even our families,” the email begins, already off to a very bad start, considering the timing of it.

“Sometimes situations change around us, and developments in our health, laws and/or the financial landscape present new challenges.”

Did anyone at Ole Miss actually read this before it was sent out this week?

“In those times, it is beneficial to consider revisiting the content of your will, especially if it was designed years ago and now needs attention,” it continues.

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“Just like your home, your estate plan needs regular maintenance to reflect situations and circumstances you’ve faced.”

Like, say, contracting a deadly virus?

As one can imagine, people were rather put off by Ole Miss’ attempt to squeeze money out of its alumni during a crisis.

You think?

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