Olivia Dunne Sets World On Fire With Official Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Beach Video, Doing Cartwheel

Olivia Dunne

Gotham/Getty Image

LSU’s star gymnastics sensation, Olivia Dunne, has ignited a social media frenzy with her recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit beach video that showcases her athletic ability.

With a staggering combined following of over 10 million fans on Instagram and TikTok, Dunne’s online presence is akin to a digital comet streaking across the social media galaxy.

Sports Illustrated shared a video of Dunne gracefully navigating a sun-kissed beach during a high-energy photoshoot.

While posing in various positions for the shoot, the highlight was undoubtedly when Dunne executes a flawless cartwheel,

The video is accompanied by a brief interview in which Dunne reflects on her journey was captioned, “Olivia Dunne wants women to know you CAN have the best of both worlds. 🌎✨”

Dunne’s social media extravaganza doesn’t stop there, recently, she went viral after posting pictures of a tight pink gymwear from the LSU campus.

Dunne also playfully indulged in the “I’m Thirsty” challenge, collaborating with a friend who poured water over her while she reclined gracefully on the ground in a bikini.

Oliva also reminded us that her flexibility isn’t limited to sandy shores. She shared a video that displays her athletic prowess, while dressed in tight gym gear during an LSU gymnastics workout.

As the world waits with bated breath for Dunne’s next move, one thing remains certain: she’s not just breaking records, she’s breaking the internet, one cartwheel and captivating video at a time.