People Shared The One Thing That Instantly Killed A Crush And Eating Boogers Is A Turn Off

by 7 months ago
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I had a co-worker at my internship in college who I would swoon over every day. I’d precisely time my trips to the break room to coincide with hers. Rack my brain for interesting conversation starters. Shit, I’d even iron my shirts in the mornings.

That was all until one day in July 2009. I looked over at her cube, like I did every 8 minutes, and I witnessed her picking her nose AND eating it. I shit you not. And it was clear as day. No way she could have possibly be doing anything other than chomping on one of her nose goblins. Everything I ever felt for her immediately left my body like an exorcism. I found out after I went back to school that she had a crush on me, and I felt nothing. Amazing what one mid-day snack can do to a crush.

A Redditor posed the question: What is something that instantly killed a crush that you had on someone? And people came out in the thousands to share their stories. Here are the most scintillating:

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