Orangutan in Australia desperately wants to diddle Nicole Kidman

Hsing Hsing, an orangutan at the Perth Zoo who celebrated his 39th birthday recently is making news not for his old age, but something far more salacious.

The 39yr old orangutan lives in the ape-equivalent of a brothel, with numerous female orangutans on-hand at all times for his carnal desires, but the zookeepers claim it’s not the female orangutans he wants. As it turns out, the ginger-haired Hsing Hsing has been lusting after Nicole Kidman for quite some time.

In addition to oggling the red-headed visitors to the zoo exhibit, when the zoo keepers throw magazines in to the habitat for the orangutans to toss around and play with, Tsing Tsing stops on the photos of Nicole Kidman to revel in her fair-skinned ginger beauty. More details on his curious behavior can be read over here.

So in the mean time, here’s a video of two orangutans boxing:


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Source: news.com.au