Outback Steakhouse Is Giving Away FREE Bloomin’ Onions Tonight! Here’s How To Get One

Bloomin' Onion

Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Is your liver still working overtime to absorb the inordinate amount of alcohol you consumed this holiday season? Give it some help, man. It’s just one damn organ. Throw your liver a life vest by feeding your stomach 2,000 calories of fried, greasy deliciousness, courtesy of the fine mates at Outback Steakhouse.

Michigan’s five turnover second half and colossal collapse in the Outback Bowl is the worst thing that could have happened to your waistline. Outback Steakhouse, the Bowl’s sponsor, is offering its famous Bloomin’ Onion for free to anyone who mentions the game in one of  its 950-plus locations. A $9.99 value, FO FREE.

Prior to the game, Outback announced that if the Gamecocks won, patrons would receive a Bloomin’ Onion and if the Wolverines won, they’d receive a free Coconut Shrimp appetizer. The results were favorable to casual college football fans with a hearty appetite and without a dog in the fight.

The offer is limited to just one per table at participating locations and is available Tuesday, January 2nd only.

I like to picture Jim Harbaugh sitting at an Ann Arbor Outback in his full coaching uniform, a 16 oz. stein of milk, gobbling down a free Bloomin’ Onion pondering how his offense can be so consistently shitty. I would say I feel sorry for the dude if he didn’t make $9 million this year and wasn’t the highest paid in college football.

[h/t MLive]


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