Paige Spiranac Went On A TikTok Spree, Shared Pics From Her New Photo Shoot

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Well, that didn’t take very long. No sooner than did we alert everyone that Paige Spiranac was about to release a new photo shoot than she posted some of those very pictures to her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“Want to play 9 with me?” the popular golf influencer asked on Twitter.

There was no shortage of takers.

“18 better for me. Then some nice relaxed cocktails on the patio, in the late afternoon sun,” another fan tweeted. “Back for a shower (maybe a quick nap), and then to your favorite restaraunt. Cozy cocktails in some lounge after. Then the SAME thing the next day. (Did I just post this out loud?)”

“Only if you promise not to say ‘nice drive at least’ after I skull my approach shot over the green,” joked another.

Over on Instagram, Paige Spiranac asked a different questions, in addition to adding a few more photos from the shoot.

“What do you prefer? The smile or serious?” she inquired.

Responses were mixed, but most fans chose the smiling photos. Understandable.

Meanwhile, as we were so focused on the fact that Paige Spiranac had done a new photo shoot, she was also over on TikTok, in her continuing effort to take that social media platform over as well.

“The PGA is playing at Pebble and I wanted to see how I would do on the famous par 3. I’ll take it,” she captioned the video of herself hitting the golf simulator.


The PGA is playing at Pebble and I wanted to see how I would do on the famous par 3. I’ll take it

♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

Paige also posted another TikTok video where she showed off her outfit.

“Always dressing golf appropriate,” she wrote, most likely in reference to Phil Mickelson whining about Sam Ryder’s joggers.


Always dressing golf appropriate

♬ original sound – Paige Spiranac

Then there was this TikTok video Paige Spiranac posted three days ago that really needs no description.


♬ Hey, Mickey! – Baby Tate

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