Surreal Clip Of Paris Hilton And Jimmy Fallon Talking About NFTs Is Breaking The Internet’s Brain

  • Paris Hilton was a guest on ‘Fallon’ and she and Jimmy discussed their favorite NFTs in a way that has truly broken the internet’s brain
  • Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton discuss why they chose their Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, how Paris taught Jimmy what NFTs are, and it is the most mesmerizing late night TV clip in years
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If you had ‘Paris Hilton taught Jimmy Fallon what NFTs are’ on your 2022 BINGO card you can go ahead and cross that off. Paris was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she and Jimmy discussed NFTs, how and why they each chose their Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, and this clip is legitimately breaking everyone’s brain when they watch it.

Some of the language they use in this clip is perfect for ye olde ‘imagine trying to explain this to someone 50 years ago’ scenario where a new thing makes zero sense whatsoever. When Paris Hilton says “I got an ape too because I saw you on the show with Beeple and you said you got on MoonPay” I’m pretty sure there was maybe 1 person AT MOST in the audience who had any idea what the words mean.

Now that I’ve said all that. What’s incredible is how this Paris Hilton clip from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is also mesmerizing in the same way that people can’t turn away from watching a car wreck on the side of the highway.

Paris Hilton And Jimmy Fallon Talking About NFTs

Here’s the shorter segment (first) where they talk about their Bored Ape choices. Jimmy says “it reminded me of me a little bit because I wear striped shirts” just like Jason Segel describing Preston Meyerwearing t-shirts ‘some of the time‘ in Can’t Hardly Wait. And the longer clip is below that of the full segment where Paris surprises the audience with their own NFTs as well.


When I say this clip is breaking the entire internet’s brain, that’s not really an exaggeration. Anyone that stops to watch Paris Hilton discussing NFTs with Jimmy Fallon is overcome with a number of thoughts and emotions. So let’s go to Twitter and see how people are reacting, shall we?

The Internet Reacts To Paris Hilton Discussing NFTs With Fallon

This one made me laugh. I’ve met both of these celebs at parties/bars before and they’d 100% get along in real-life. I know it’s a joke but they really are just friends vibing.

Seriously, what does the audience even think they are applauding here? I”ve been to a taping of Fallon in NYC before. They flip on the applause lights, everyone claps loudly, but what can the audience possibly think they’re applauding here?

Aaaaaand we might have an answer to that question which makes this situation even funnier.

This actually sums up the entire clip pretty well.

Someone out there will understand this reference.


Interestingly, the guy who sold his Bored Ape NFT to Paris Hilton just found out that it was her who bought it and he seems incredibly excited about it.

I didn’t expect to be talking so much about Paris Hilton and NFTs today but this clip is truly special. It somehow captures this moment in time on the Internet perfectly. Privileged and wealthy people talking nonsensical jargon while everyone stares at them bewildered. They don’t seem to care at all about art. It’s just a thing people are doing and they can’t be left out.