Paris Hilton Sent Out A Ridiculous Tweet And Everyone’s Been Dropping Amazing Trivia On Her For Days

Getty Image / Mike Marsland

I don’t know Paris Hilton. I’m sure she’s a nice enough person. We all know her public persona which is that of an airhead. I’ve met her before at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and in the 3-seconds it took me to photobomb her taking a picture with a friend I can’t say I gleaned any insights into her personality that I couldn’t learn from seeing her on TV or social media. So, for the purposes of this article I think we should all agree that 1) Paris Hilton is a brilliant self-marketer and 2) Paris Hilton is obsessed with Paris Hilton.

Over the weekend, she fired off a tweet with the caption ‘tell me something I don’t know’ with an expression on her face that suggests she’s some omniscient being. Her caption wasn’t meant for anything more than describing her know-it-all look, but Twitter has been dropping the most spectacular responses for days. There are already 11K+ responses to the tweet, with everyone dropping obscure pieces of trivia. If you’re up for learning some random ass trivia that might help you win the next game of HQ Trivia then buckle up because these responses are amazing:

The tweets just keep going on and on. And it’s unfortunate, but Twitter makes it impossible to search the quote tweets which are the best responses. By the way, if you’re not following me on Twitter at @casspa and want to, you can find my stream of extremely average tweets by following along here: