PBR Is Taking On White Claw By Introducing The Booziest Hard Seltzer On The Market

pbr hard selzter


It’s been a couple of years since I discovered the magical elixir that is hard seltzer, and while it took a while for the world to get on board, booze-infused sparkling water has become all the rage in recent months.

Hard seltzer is officially the drink of the summer thanks in no small part to White Claw, which is currently outselling virtually every craft beer in existence as people take advantage of the fact that you can’t be charged with a crime consuming one (although I admit I haven’t tested that theory).

Hard seltzer makes it easy to tell yourself you’re being healthy even if that isn’t actually the case, but in my view, the biggest appeal is just how easy it goes down (which can be a good or a bad thing depending on how much self-control you have).

While most hard seltzers contain enough booze to get you where you’re trying to go (White Claw clocks in at 5% ABV), I can personally vouch that they also serve as a fantastic mixer when you’re trying to expedite things.

However, my days of adding a shot of vodka to my can might be over now that PBR is on the case.

According to Whiskey RIff, Pabst—which is gearing up to release its own whiskey and just debuted a hard coffee in a can—is entering the bubbly water space with “Stronger Seltzer,” an 8% ABV drink that recently hit stores in a few lucky states.


I can’t tell you how it tastes, but as far as I can tell, the sweetened, lime-flavored concoction is now the booziest mass-produced hard seltzer you can get your hands on and I eagerly await the opportunity to bring some into my possession.