Peacock’s New Pricing Tiers Are Based Solely On How Much ‘The Office’ You Want To Watch

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Update: NBC Universal has reached out to make it clear that these payment structures have existed since July and that “the sign-up page was updated to provide context about what a customer would be able to watch of The Office given the recent launch.”

So, instead of tailoring the prices to The Office, Peacock tailored the distribution of The Office to the previously established prices.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy The Office, but I’m also definitely one of those people who chuckle at tweets that say “loving The Office isn’t a personality trait”… because it’s true! I’ve witnessed dudes toting around their love for The Office like it’s a characteristic first hand.

NBCUniversal obviously knows that, as it appears their new pricing tiers for Peacock are solely constructed around how much Michael Scott shenanigans you want to watch, which is just absolutely diabolical but also sort of sad, considering The Office hasn’t been on the air since 2013.

The funny thing about Peacock is that I’m probably one of the few million subscribers out there, although not because of The Office or any of their ultra-desirable original content (lol), but because they’ve decided to horde most of this season’s Premier League action on there.

Liverpool and Manchester United, two of the biggest clubs in the world, will have their match aired exclusively on Peacock in the United States in a week or so! It’s criminal if you ask me. NBC had spent years building up their relationship with Premier League fans and helped to grow the game’s profile in the process, and now, they’ve decided to throw that all away behind a paywall, effectively stopping the growth of soccer in America in its tracks.

But it’s also not surprising. Brands launching new streaming services need to utilize the assets they have — Disney+ has Star Wars and Marvel, HBO Max and DC and all of HBO’s content, etc — and NBC obviously doesn’t have all that much to work with outside of a sitcom from the previous decade and America’s fourth or fifth most popular sport.

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