Pearl Jam Asked A High Schooler To Fill In On Drums At Their Show In Oakland And He Absolutely Crushed It

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  • Pearl Jam’s drummer got COVID ahead of their latest show in Oakland
  • Rather than cancel the concert, the band turned to a high schooler to play in his absence
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Pearl Jam was in California over the weekend as they continued a US tour to promote some of their new music.

The band was unfortunately hit with some tough news ahead of their most recent show in Oakland. Drummer Matt Cameron got COVID before the concert, leaving the group with no one on the sticks.

Rather than cancel the show, though, Pearl Jam came up with the best possible solution.

They got Kai Neukermans, a local high schooler, to fill in for Cameron on stage. The youngster was actually scouted out by lead singer Eddie Vedder’s daughter, Olivia, who found Neukermans on YouTube. He plays in a band called The Alive.

Neukermans was one of a number of guest drummers that the band called upon to fill in for Cameron, and by all accounts, he absolutely crushed it.

Kai Neukermans plays on stage with Pearl Jam

The band called on Neukermans to play their song “Mind Your Manners.” And he killed it.

Check out the whole clip below.

He looks like he was born to play for PJ. Neukermans is like a madman on the sticks, that hair flowing as he pounds the drums in a fury.

What an awesome solution to a less than ideal situation. With no further postponements or cancellations, Pearl Jam can continue on with the tour as scheduled. And Neukermans now has the story of a lifetime.