Pedro Pascal’s Rocket Fuel Starbucks Order Goes Viral With Everyone Amazed By His Caffeine Intake

Pedro Pascal in NYC

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Pedro Pascal is arguably the most in-demand A-List actor in the business right now. Being such a hot commodity means there isn’t much room for sleep when you’re being pulled in a million different directions at once.

It was recently revealed that Pedro Pascal runs on pure rocket fuel in order to stay alert.

Pascal was featured in a TikTok filmed in front of the Bowery Hotel in NoHo that went viral. In the clip, he’s holding a Starbucks cup and Internet sleuths were able to discern his Starbucks order from the video below:


Met THE DADDY of the daddies 2 weeks ago and he was pure gold #pedropascal #fyp #daddy #pedropascaledit

♬ Big Boys (sped up + reverb) – Remix – NVBR

I’ve zoomed in as much as possible and the label on his Starbucks cup wasn’t clear enough to read. However, former Baristas were able to fill in the blanks (NYPost also has a screenshot) and Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order is pure gasoline.

He ordered ‘Ice Quad Espresso / In A Venti Cup / Extra Ice / 6 Shots’.

That’s right, this man is drinking SIX SHOTS of espresso while the rest of us are sucking down a cup of coffee. It is no wonder he’s able to keep up with being the most popular man in show business right now with that much caffeine coursing through his veins.

The comments on TikTok express utter amazement at his diesel Starbucks order:

“He drinks 6 shots over ice? Damn that’s intense.”

“Bro what is that coffee order. He’s gonna be s***ting himself all day.”

“Why is he drinking black tar.”

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For anyone wondering where Pedro Pascal might get his Starbucks while staying at the Bowery Hotel or taking meetings there, there are a few nearby Starbucks locations.

This is about 4 blocks from BroBible‘s old office and about 8 blocks from my old apartment. So I’m more familiar with this area than I really should be.

The Bowery Hotel is basically equidistant between two Starbucks locations:

Starbucks in NoHo

The reality is he could’ve gotten his 6-shot iced espresso from any of the 223+ Starbucks locations in Manhattan.

However, this viral video was filmed in front of the Bowery Hotel and I’m just narrowing down the odds of how you can run into Pedro Pascal at the coffee shop.

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