People Shared The Most Insane Science Facts That Freak Them The F*ck Out

Did you know that the average person eats up to 430 insects per year? Or that blue whales have the biggest schlongs in the world, at nine feet in length? Or that more people are killed by vending machines than they are by sharks? I had a lot of free time growing up to learn that science is often unbelievable. And then I found out about porn, and my predilection for science disappeared faster than you could say ‘Limewire.’

In any event, there are some scientific facts that are so far out there in the scope of believability that it’s nearly impossible to conceptualize them. And some can be downright scary. A recent Ask Reddit thread delved into the question: What scientific fact freaks the fuck out? Here are the greatest responses.


Squid brains are shaped like donuts and the digestive track goes through it so if they eat too large stuff they get literal brain damage.


Stomach enzymes digest you when you die.


Sharks existed before trees or that you can hear the difference between hot and cold water


The Bootes void. Why the fuck is there this million light-year space of practically nothingness just doing out there in space.

At nearly 330 million light-years in diameter, the Bootes void is one of the largest-known voids in the universe, and is referred to as a supervoid.


Every banana that we eat, the Cavendish, are genetically identical. A fungus that can kill one, can wipe out the entire species. That has happened before and there is a fungus out there that might cause it to happen again.


There exists on this planet a predator so perfect that it has not had to evolve in any major way for over 150 million years. It has existed in its current basic design for longer than there has been a human species. They don’t even need to hunt, just wait for prey to stupidly blunder into their path then injects a venom that literally liquifies the internal organs.

Fuck you spiders.


Just how incredibly large and empty the universe is. Galaxies collide all the time, but the chance of any two objects from either Galaxy coilliding are practically zero.


Brain aneurysms.

Like…you can be proactive about a lot of medical conditions that could kill you…but you can also just drop dead at random from a brain glitch.


Every fucked up creature on Earth, from Octopi to tardigrade to spiders, all of them are genetically related to us in some way or another. Imagine the fuckery that exist out in space that has no genetic relation to us at all.

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