True Life: I May Be Addicted To PGA Tour 2K21

pga tour 2k21


While most of the world spends their time streaming classics like Call Of Duty, and Fortnite, I spent my weekend absolutely going to town on PGA Tour 2K21. From the moment I was able to create my player to look exactly like me with the exact same receding hairline, I knew I was going to be in for a good time. So good in fact that I decided to rip out the vlog cam and start streaming for you folks back home watching The Brilliantly Dumb Show on YouTube.

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The new “my player” mode that I got instantly addicted too not only takes you through some of the nicest courses on the planet, but you can also go head to head online with your friends. There’s nothing that cracked me up more this weekend than seeing my buddies show up online with their players looking identical to their actual self. You can get as wild as you desire with your fits on the course after you rack up enough points to buy certain essentials like a classic bucket hat.

The difference in difficulty you’ll see between a medium level and a hard level is massive and one that actually helps you with your real-life game. I know it sounds crazy to say but as a golfer myself self I can honestly say you see the course and greens when reading putts differently after playing the game on a harder difficulty. Now, I am not saying you are going to lower your handicap by five shots after playing, but if you want some extra pointers whether you are a beginner or a veteran, pop this game in and watch the magic happen.

My new routine: I wake up every Thursday morning now, grab a cup of coffee and act as if I am really about to shock the golf world in my quest to climb up these PGA Tour leaderboards.