Pill That Squashes The Desire To Drink Could Hit The Market By 2020

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The Department of Health recommends that men should have no more than five strong pints of beer a week, and that they should have at least two alcohol-free days in that period. I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say that this constitutes as a pregame or a first half of football on Sundays. That’s why some medical professionals claim that we are in the midst of a middle-class drinking epidemic.

According to iNews, an estimated 124 million people across the world are thought to be alcohol dependent, and that a large majority of those people are in denial about their alcohol consumption. Guilty as charged.

To remedy this supposed epidemic, a pill is being developed to stop people craving alcohol, and could hit the market as early as 2020.

Arbaclofen placarbil, which is being created Indivior, works by inhibiting an area of the brain responsible for creating the pleasure people feel after after getting tipsy. The drug is based on Baclofen, a drug already used in France as a muscle relaxant and mild sedative, Daily Mail reports.

Pharmaceutical companies are required to go through three stages of extensive trials before they can apply for regulatory approval. Arbaclofen placarbil is well into stage two after it showed extremely positive results for many of its participants in the United States.

As Frank the Tank so eloquently said, “It tastes so good once it hits your lips!” This could be a thing of the past when this buzzkill of a drug hits the market.

[h/t Daily Mail]