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Why Plex Is The Only App You Need To Watch Movies & TV From All Your Streaming Services

Why Plex Is The Only App You Need To Watch Movies & TV From All Your Streaming Services

It’s Sunday evening and you’re looking to watch a movie or show to end the night. But before you can sprawl out across the couch and immerse yourself in the cinematic experience, you’re stuck with the grueling task of picking what to watch.

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

First, you open up Netflix to see if there’s anything intriguing. But surely you can’t watch the very first title that catches your eye. What if there’s something better on a different streaming service?

So maybe you check HBO Max or Disney+ to see if anything new has come out. And in the time you could’ve watched an episode or two, you’ve instead searched through every streaming service you own. We’ve all been there.

With so many streamers delivering more and more exclusive content, efficiently navigating through it all can be nearly impossible. Thankfully, Plex is making it a whole lot easier by introducing Plex Discover & Plex Universal Watch List.

With the addition of these new features, Plex is the first and only streaming platform to offer free ad-supported movies, shows, and live TV together with the ability to easily search for any title ever made. Plus, you can create a customized watchlist for all the movies and shows you’re interested in, regardless of where they are. It’s the only app you need to find any movie or show.

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Plex Discovery & Universal Watch List

What is Plex Discover?

For anyone who spends way too much time hopping between various streaming services, Plex Discover is perfect for you. Find any movie or show across ALL your paid and free streaming services. Simply search for a title in Plex, and if it’s streaming on a service you have, you can launch straight to it.

Select Your Services

It begins with the onboarding process, where Plex has you select your favorite streaming services. And just like that, Plex pulls movies and shows from all of them into one place. Better yet, Plex Discover is dynamic, so it’s constantly updating and personalizing its recommendations for you.

Discover with PLEX now

Plex Onboarding

No More Juggling Dozens Of Apps

Save time searching for something to watch by browsing through the ‘Top Titles On Your Services’ selection. Or if you find it hard to keep track of all the new releases, check out the ‘What’s New On Your Services’ selection. Curious as to what you might be missing on other platforms? With the ‘Top Titles On Other Services’ selection, they’ll always be just a click away. It’s a one-stop shop for all your favorite media.

Plex Discovery

Once you’ve decided on something to watch, if it’s available on a service you own, you can launch it from Plex. It doesn’t just take you to the Netflix or Hulu app, it takes you directly to the show’s page within that app. And in the case, it’s not available on a subscription you own, Plex also displays all the other purchasing and subscription options for you.

Discover - The Dark Knight

Coming Soon…

But Plex isn’t just helping you discover movies and shows that have already come out. They’re constantly updating the service with upcoming movies and trailers for you to watch. Whether it’s coming soon to theatres or being released straight to streaming, Plex Discover keeps you clued in on all the info.

Browse upcoming movies & Trailers via PLEX

Discovery - Doctor Strange Upcoming

Search Less, Watch More

In the case that you already know what you want to watch, Plex’s universal search will save you from the agonizing task of trying to find where it resides. Instantly search by keywords (actors, directors, and more) or sort via streaming services, release date, and more. And remember, Plex Discover is dynamic, so they’re working to bring more options in the future.

search with PLEX now

Plex Universal Search

Plex Universal Watchlist

The true beauty of Plex Discover is how it works in combination with the Plex Universal Watch List. These days, every streaming service has its own watchlist for you. But keeping track of everything you want to watch across all your streaming services in one place hasn’t been possible.

That is until now…

Plex Universal Watchlist

No matter where a title lives, you can add it to the new Plex Universal Watch list. No more dancing between various services to browse through all your possible viewing options. It’s a time saver like no other and you can access it from all your devices.

Add to your Plex Universal Watchlist here

Whenever you find a title that intrigues you on Plex Discover, simply add it to your Universal Watchlist in just one click. That includes movies & shows from ANY streaming service and even upcoming new releases in theatres.

Add to Universal Watchlist

Plex will even show you newly available titles from your Universal Watchlist when they’re on one of your services! So if you liked a trailer, but couldn’t find time to see the movie in theatres, you’ll know exactly when it’s available to watch at home. And with how often shows move from one streamer to the next, the Universal Watchlist ensures you’ll always know where to find them, even if they’re no longer on the service you first saw them on.

Together Plex Discover and Plex Universal Watchlist are making it easier for people to find what to watch and where to watch it. With Plex offering one easy-to-navigate window into all streaming services, you won’t need to scroll endlessly looking for something to enjoy. Movie and TV lovers can rejoice.

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