Cop Asks Lady Where Her Mask Is; Lady Smashes Cop’s Head Into The Ground On Repeat

Good news, America: we’re not the only country with anti-mask lunatics acting like a tiny, temporary mouth bra enforcement is the end of human rights. Australia has them too!

NY Daily News– According to police in the Australian state of Victoria, two female officers approached a 38-year-old woman on Monday night to ask her why she wasn’t wearing a face covering.

Victorian Police Commissioner Shane Patton said in a news conference that the suspect allegedly pushed one officer and struck the other one in the head.

“After a confrontation and being assaulted by that woman, those police officers went to ground and there was a scuffle,” Patton said, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“During that scuffle, this 38-year-old woman smashed the head of the [26-year-old] policewoman several times into a concrete area on the ground.”

I really don’t understand the people who refuse to wear masks. Why? Why would that bother you so much? I certainly don’t like wearing a mask but sometimes you have to play along when the world is trying to rid itself of humans. The biggest drawback to wearing a mask is that when you wear sunglasses, they fog up. Oh, and you can’t make out with people as easily. And maybe sipping a drink requires the equivalent to lowering your fly before you pee. That’s it. Those are the downsides.

Maybe these nutjobs all have beautiful mouths and jawlines? Maybe they see the obscuring of their features as an impediment to finding a mate? Doubt it.

I knew a guy once who said that seatbelt laws were an example of the government overreaching into our lives. I guess that made sense. That dude sucked. We’d all have been completely fine with him not wearing a seatbelt. If he wants to hit a moose and fly through the windshield like a circus performer shot out of a cannon, go for it.

Anyway, at least we’ve got some company. Thanks for that Australia.