Police Seize Record-Breaking Two-Ton Haul Of Crystal Meth Worth Almost $11 BILLION

Police Seize Record-Breaking Haul Of Meth Worth Almost 11 BILLION


Australian Border Force (ABF) and NSW Police officers seized more than 1,800 kg (3,968 pounds) of crystal meth in largest “ice” bust in Australian history.

The crystal meth, worth approximately $1.6 billion AUD ($1.1 billion USD), was discovered inside several sea cargo containers and concealed within marble stone. The drugs were revealed during x-ray scans of the containers.

Acting on intelligence, the first set of containers that were examined resulted in the seizure of 748 kg (1,649 pounds) of crystal meth, with an additional 1,060 kg (2,337 pounds) of ice later found in number of other containers.

All of the shipments originated in the Middle East. Three men, aged 24, 26 and 34, have so far been arrested and charged in connection with the drug bust.

“Our officers are highly trained and continue to demonstrate their skills when it comes to detecting the importation of illicit drugs, no matter what method of concealment the organized crime groups use,” ABF Assistant Commissioner East Erin Dale said.

“The audacity of these individuals to think they could import such vast quantities of harmful drugs into Australia is astounding. Let’s be clear: this is the largest seizure of methylamphetamine at the Australian border and therefore a massive blow to organized criminals.”

Australian police also made a record-breaking seizure of fentanyl last week

In a earlier, separate drug seizure, police seized $107 million worth of crystal meth hidden inside a vintage 1960 Bentley S2.

The Bentley S2 was discovered to have 355 pounds of methamphetamine and 66 pounds of cocaine hidden inside of it, a large quantity of which was discovered behind the headlights of the vehicle. Two men, aged 22 and 23, were arrested and charged in that bust.

In a related, followup investigation, police officers stopped a Toyota Prado and found 4.85 pounds of meth and more than $759,000 cash hidden beneath the car’s cargo area. A man and women, both aged 25, were taken into custody and charged with drug crimes.

Australian police also set another record last week when they made the country’s biggest fentanyl seizure ever.

More than 132 pounds of fentanyl were found hidden inside military-style ammunition boxes hidden in an industrial lathe in a shipment from Canada.

The fentanyl was was reportedly enough for 5.6 million doses.

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