Police Shut Down Huge Rave In An Abandoned Toys ‘R’ Us Store, Partiers Didn’t Wanna Grow Up

Police Shut Rave Abandoned ToysRUs Store

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If you were like many people, you wondered just what was going to happen to all of those massive Toys ‘R’ Us stores once they were cleaned out and left to sit empty around the world.

Turns out that at least one group of people in London came up with a splendid use for the huge, empty store where people have gone for years when they don’t wanna grow up: a rave!

I mean, people in the United Kingdom have been throwing illegal raves in warehouses, fields and castles for years. Why not utilize this giant empty hulk of a building for a grand party?!

Unfortunately, the Hounslow Police of West London DO want them to grow up and shut down the festivites. Geoffrey would have been very disappointed.

According to Fox News, police said they seized a sound system at the scene of the “unlicensed music event.” They later tweeted out to potential ravers that they should not travel to the area “as all attendees and ticket holders are being turned away.”

Naturally, people on Twitter were very thankful that the police put an end to these shenanigans. Just kidding, they trolled them in typical internet fashion.

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