Clip Of Pollen Coming Off A Tree In Jersey Has Gone Viral Because HOLY S**T That’s A Lot Of Yellow

by 9 months ago

Shutterstock / Elisa Manzati

The pollen count in the Northeast is out of control right now. It’s ranging from ‘Very High’ to ‘High’ throughout the region, and people with allergies are getting hit harder than they have in recent memory.

We can all read a forecast on but without seeing the pollen pile up on a car and turn it yellow it’s hard to visualize how bad the allergy forecast really is. Eric Henderson of Millville, New Jersey wanted to test out just how bad the pollen really is outside and he did so by driving his backhoe loader into a tree to release the pollen and that clip has gone viral because HOLY HELL it’s the most pollen you’ll ever see.

Here are both Instagram and Twitter versions of the video (the same clip) so you can choose which one you’d rather watch based on your preferred format:

Naturally, people saw this pollen release and started retweeting like hell. There were also plenty of jokes to be made on Twitter:

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