Wild Video Shows Portland Protester Completely Unfazed After Taking A Beating From Police


The protests in Portland have escalated this weekend and we’re beginning to see some wild footage from reporters on the scene.

On Saturday night, protesters in North Portland lit the Portland Police Association building on fire which led to the police declaring a riot in an effort to disperse the crowd.


“This event has been declared a riot. Move to the east now. If you do not move to the east you will be subject to arrest or use of force to include crowd control munitions. Leave the area now,” the Portland Police Bureau tweeted. It said protesters broke into the Portland Police Association office and set it on fire.

During protests on Friday night, Portland officers and other law enforcement officers, including those from federal agencies, worked together to respond to disperse crowds, Portland police said in a statement. The federal officers worked under their own supervision and direction, according to the statement.

As the police tried to disperse the crowd, one man wearing a Navy sweater stood in their way. The man was hit several times by police using their batons and he didn’t even seem fazed by it at all.

Apparently the man was taken to an ambulance and may have a broken hand.

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