Post Malone Spent $1.6 Million On Two New Teeth That Took 3 Months To Create

Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Stronach Group

Post Malone is worth tens of millions of dollars and he is young enough to still be on his parents’ insurance. Mixing riches with youth is a recipe for fiscal tomfoolery.

We saw this 26-year-old Uzi Vert, who earlier this month was forced to remove the $24 million pink diamond that was surgically pierced into his forehead because it was literally making his skull leak.

Instead of depositing into his Emergency Fund or buying a home in San Francisco, Post Malone dropped $1,600,000 on a dental makeover with the help from “The Father of Diamond Dentistry,” Dr. Thomas Connelly, who boasts clients like Shaq and Odell Beckham Jr.

“With a smile that shows off natural Porcelain Veneer work framed with 2 Diamond Fangs with a total weight of 12 Carats, Post Malone literally has $1 million smile!!!”

Of all the things to do with $1.6 million, shiny teeth would clock in right below purchasing a Radio Shack outside Chernobyl. But who am I to yuck on someone’s yum? Especially since he’s going to make that back with one three hour set at Governor’s Ball this year.

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