This ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Baffled Drew Carey By Passing Up A Chance To Win A Car For $1,500

by 7 months ago

One in the hand is better than two in the bush. I never understood that quote until I watched this clip of Kevin on today’s episode of Price Is Right. Kevin was playing “Let ’Em Roll,” a game where the contestant has a chance to win a car if they roll all five dice that show the car symbol.

On his first roll, Kevin rolled a miraculous 4 out of 5 car symbols, which occurs just 6.25 percent of times, SB Nation reports.


Kevin was faced with two options at this point: roll the last die twice in hopes of getting just one car symbol (and winning a Nissan Versa S sedan), or walk away with $1,500. He immediately and adamantly decided to walk away with the cash, despite 50/50 odds of walking away with a car of much greater value. Drew Carey was befuddled.

My first instinct was to think that this guy is a lunatic. But, as SB Nation brings to light, winning a car if you’re not in the market for one isn’t all that sweet. Contestants need to pay state income tax on all prizes they receive, and it has to be paid before the prize is received. It’s probably why all Super Bowl MVP’s give their trucks to the next worthy recipient.

So, with all things considered, this dude is actually living in 3017 while I’m mouth-breathing in 2017.

[h/t SB Nation]




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