After Watching ‘Shawshank Redemption’ For The First Time, We Must Protect Morgan Freeman At All Costs

morgan freeman

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This may not make any sense, but friends you think are your friends are not actually your friends if they let you go 27 years on this earth without seeing Shawshank Redemption. That is exactly the hand I was dealt when I sat down to watch Shawshank yesterday on day three here of my social distancing quarantine.

Now I know I can’t sit here and point fingers because the majority of the blame belongs to myself and I am fully aware of that. I just think it’s best that after this article you give a call to your top five friends and just confirm that they have seen this masterpiece of a motion picture. I can not remember the last time I was as fired up during a movie scene as I was when Red (Morgan Freeman) buys that one-way greyhound ticket to Mexico to go see his jail pal Andy after being freed from prison. My spirit was lifted and a part of me was sad knowing I’ll never get to watch this movie for the first time again.

After the credits were done rolling through, the other part of me thought, WE MUST PROTECT MORGAN FREEMAN AT ALL COSTS.

At 82-years-old Freeman currently sits in the danger zone if, God forbid, he happened to catch the coronavirus. Let’s forget about the economy for a second, if Freeman leaves this earth by any means, I promise it will hurt so much more than your Apple stock dropping 10%. Nobody has me ready to run through a brick wall after a movie quite like Mr. Freeman. He is a national treasure and arguably the most likable guy in Hollywood.

Folks, there is no time for heroes, listen to your local news reporters when they tell you to stay the fuck home. We have too many great fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, actors, mechanics, painters, Morgan Freemans in this world that we can’t afford to put in harm’s way.

Morgan, if you happen to be a big BroBible guy and are reading this, just know I vow to never let my friends or future kids go more than two years on this earth without seeing that masterpiece on Netflix or wherever the hell they will stream Shawshank 10 years from now. We love you, Morgan, forever and always, stay safe, this world needs you.