New Report Shows US Government Spent $50 Million On Mating Calls Of Panamanian Frogs, Civil War-Era Mental Hospital And More

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The United States government is not exactly known for its frugal spending. One of the U.S. government’s constituents exposed how the leadership wastes millions of dollars each year.

The U.S. government has plenty of needs to dedicate money to whether it be the plague of homelessness, the opioid plague, or fixing our national healthcare crisis. But instead, the U.S. government is spending its money on frogs.

Dr. Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, released his annual “Waste Report.” The report finds expenditures that the U.S. government is misappropriating funds on and some of them are unconscionable.

The report found that nearly half of a million dollars was spent on investigating the mating behavior of Panamanian frogs. The National Science Foundation (NSF) spent $466,991.68 on studying the mating calls of frogs in Panama.

Dr. Rand Paul’s grand total of “The Waste Report” for Summer 2019 is $50,190,108,562.35 for federal grants. In the report of taxpayer dollars wasted, other funds wasted were on an abandoned Civil War-era mental hospital in Washington D.C. and the $100,000 spent on the Pakistani film industry.

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You can read the entire report of government wasteful spending HERE.

At the time of publication, the United States’ national debt is over $22 trillion.

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